How can I be the top-of-mind, first-choice in the market?

Use these 5 Steps to Brand Success

1. Develop growth strategy

2. Articulate the brand news

3. Establish a selling proposition

4. Deliver the brand news

5. Measure results and refine the plan

Repeatedly breakthrough crowded marketplace with compelling selling proposition that’s meaningful, memorable and ownable.

Noble Branding Process

1. Develop brand insight and goal

Analyze the industry, competition and target to answer these questions:
• What are the needs and beliefs?
• How are those needs evolving?
• What products are being used to meet the needs?
• Why are we being used?
• Why are we not being used?

2. Create brand idea and content

It is very different to say “This is what I can do” versus “This is what I can do for you.”
Skeptical consumers turn a deaf ear to a brand’s “BUY ME, BUY ME” messaging. Through research and insight, the brand must find a BIG IDEA to appeal to the consumer. Then, initiate action by using that idea to clearly answer one question—“What’s in it for me?”

3. Deliver brand message

Seamlessly connecting all stakeholders across the value chain.


Noble Brand Case Study

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